streda 27. februára 2013

Spring make-up look

Hi there! I decided that I´m going to write a post in english here and there, becaeuse we know that Slavak is not a worldwide language :D
In last couple of days, the sun showed up a bit, so I´ve got the feeling like the spring is coming. And to celebrate it, I created a simple, bright make-up look.

First, start off with flawless, glowing skin. I achieved mine by using Garnier BB-cream in medium.

Then, I prepared my lid with neutral color.

To give it that bright look, I used two salmon colors, mixed together.

After that I slightly defined my crease with light brown shade.

Getting to final faze - gel eyeliner (essence)

And finishin off the eye with mascara (One by One by Maybelline)

To give a little bit of definishion and glow to skin, I used bronzer a blush in bright pink. Then I applied lipgloss and I was done!


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